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Do you think a Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch Port could do well?

Was just looking at the Wii U library of jrpgs and thought about this. The main selling point is even stronger than before... Persona has never been bigger and Fire Emblem is really popular still (about to become even more so after Smash). I see it had a mixed reception but it would be an easy port for Atlus and a Persona-ish title for the Switch that can serve as a first SMT-Lite to feed into the coming fans of SMT V. I'm also expecting all of the decent Wii U game exclusives to be proted to the Switch.

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It would do better than it originally did, and probably make it's total sales more acceptable. There's little reason not to port it. I just wonder if they'll wait til after both FE Three Houses and SMTV are released so that potential audiences are already there. Also, so that they can add new content (maybe from those games) to make it a "deluxe" version, to sell at full price.

Toe PU Women's Round Zipper Beige top Allhqfashion Heels Low Closed Boots Kitten Atlus is weird, but Nintendo published it. So I imagine Nintendo can/will just have it ported by a third party, unless Atlus actually wants to handle it.

If/when it comes out, I'll get it. I don't have high hopes, but it's just such an unexpected game. IMO

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PU Toe Allhqfashion Zipper Beige Kitten Closed top Women's Low Boots Round Heels Score hidden Heels Toe top PU Allhqfashion Zipper Closed Women's Round Kitten Beige Boots Low · 2 hours ago

Women's Zipper Boots Closed Toe PU Low Heels Round top Allhqfashion Beige Kitten There's little reason not to port it.

Well, there's the cost of porting, for one. The game would certainly get more sales, but console hardware to console hardware probably isn't that simple, and there's a question of opportunity cost and profit margins. It'd probably be a safer bet to port something like Windwaker.

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I think it could be a really smart decision from their part to port this game. With some marketing focused on selling this as Persona-lite + Fire Emblem with fan service to both and I think this could knock it out of the park. The game was incredibly shorter so it's an easier to digest experience IMO.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

Atlus is weird, but Nintendo published it. So I imagine Nintendo can/will just have it ported by a third party, unless Atlus actually wants to handle it.

Yeah, Atlus almost never puts one of their games on more than one platform. The ones I can think of that are on multiple systems are the Devil Survivor titles (DS and enhanced 3DS remakes), Persona 4 (Golden on the Vita)...and that's it.

I'm sure I'm missing several, but my point is, when Atlus puts a game on a platform, it's usually a safe bet that it will stay on that platform, and not get ported anywhere else.

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Persona 3 PSP, SMT Strange Journey Redux, Catherine Full Body, Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Devil Survivor 2 Break Record, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 1 PSP, Persona 2 PSP, Etrian Odyssey Untold, and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 are ALL recent examples of Atlus moving games from obe system to another. They normally add some content rather than just port a game as is, but yeah rereleases are 100% Atlus' jam.

Even SMT IV Apocalypse started out as an SMT IV expanded edition.

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Yeah it definitely needs a second chance! One of my favs on the wii u alongside with xenoblade chronicles X

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Closed Round PU Zipper Toe Boots Heels Allhqfashion Kitten top Women's Beige Low Score hidden · 3 hours ago

that ending of xenoblade chronicles x...they need to tie that up.

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Score hidden · 2 hours ago

I wish both were getting ports. I skipped on the Wii U and those two games are the ones I definitely feel like I missed out on.

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Score hidden · 39 minutes ago

I think it would do much better than people think.

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Kinda doubt it, especially after the whole censoring debacle. Shame too, it's a actually a pretty decent game.

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If they do port it hopefully they get rid of the censorships they done.

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I don't know how well it would do, but I'd love to have it. I only got about halfway through before selling my Wii U. The gamepad was just far too bulky for me to enjoy playing with.

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I could say the same about many experiences playing on the Wii U. I agree wholeheartedly. Also, this game didn't have OFF-TV play so you're stuck playing on the TV.

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Score hidden Zipper Toe Closed PU Heels top Kitten Round Boots Low Beige Women's Allhqfashion · 1 hour ago

Only I'd they uncensored it. They butchered the us version.

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Score hidden · 39 minutes ago

Or they could just include English translation in the JP version, then if you care about that sort of thing, you can just get that version. Everybody wins.

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It could be a chance for them to do a proper localisation too, there were a lot of unwarranted changes due to censorship that actually impacted the story.

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Score hidden · 12 minutes ago

I would buy it as I missed it on WiiU

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Score hidden · 2 minutes ago

Zipper Women's Kitten top Allhqfashion PU Beige Heels Toe Closed Round Low Boots I hope so, if they promote it

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Score hidden · 3 hours ago

Here is the funny joke about Tokyo Mirage Session. No censorship in the port. I'll see myself out :D

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